Christopher Williams
(Beauty, happiness at ground level. A carpet of pure new wool embellishes everything that it touches. If you have never seen your furniture on a beautiful carpet, then you have never seen it. If you have never walked barefoot, in your house, on the softness of wool, then you are ignoring a great pleasure.
Because a good carpet, of true, vibrant, natural wool, makes life more beautiful. Strict laboratory tests have verified all the qualities of the velvet, 100% pure new wool carpets that merit the Woolmark label: purity, strength, comfort, sound- and thermal-insulation, resistance of colors, non- inflammability, easy maintenance, permanent moth-proof treatment. Choosing a carpet is a serious matter. A matter of happiness. So, always check the Woolmark label. You will be certain to have a carpet of 100% pure new wool. You will be certain that you are making the best business. In pure new wool, it‘s a real carpet. Ask for Woolmark.)
Studio Rhein Verlag, Düss

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